Past Performances

Past Performances

Mother Goose - December 2019

This traditional panto tells the tale of Gertrude Gagglethorpe, known as Mother Goose, as she tries to improve the size of a goose egg, but her experiments get twisted by the evil Fairy Knuff with hilarious results.

Cinderella (What could possibly go wrong?) - December 2018

A traditional pantomime ... or would have been if it had gone right.

A reluctant understudy pressed into action, scenery that misbehaved (repeatedly) and the ugly sisters (SO ugly).  Still it worked out alright in the end, didn't it, Princess Cinders?

Cruise Ship Variety Show - April 2018

What a wonderful night of entertainment aboiard the cruise ship Showboat of the Seas!

Sleeping Beauty - December 2017

This traditional panto saw the evil Edzelda Blackladder cast an spell on beautiful Princess Aurora, only to be outwitted by the wise fairies and the handsome Prince Valiant! 

Murder at the Manor - May 2017

The year was 1926 and Lord and Lady Worthington-Jones opened their magnificent house and

invited friends, prominent acquaintances and members aristocracy from across the land to attend 

their annual weekend retreat. But the delightful evening was embarrassingly interrupted when a

body was found! But luckily thanks to excellent detective work the evil murderer was found!

Jack and the Beanstalk - December 2016

In this traditional fairytale, the plucky Jack, with the help of his brother Simple Simon, outwitted the

(not so evil) giant and his VERY evil henchmen to free his town, save the family dairy and get the

girl of his dreams!

Bluebeard - May 2016

We travelled back in time to the castle of the evil Baron Bluebeard for some medieval horror, fun & music!!!

Pirates of the Panto - December 2015

This swashbuckling adventure saw Captain Zac Sparrow and his friends race against time to dig up buried treasure before the evil pirate Spongebag Roundpants comes to claim his treasure map back! Hurrah!

Who killed the holiday rep? - May 2015

In the beautiful setting of 1980s Benidorm, try and figure out the puzzle of just who killed the wholly unpopular holiday rep from the Golden Promise Travel Company!


Our most ambitious production so far, written by our own Director Paul Sleight. The evil Grizelda plots to ruin christmas by kidnapping Santa, so the parents of the children of Melrock would be forced to buy all the presents from her toy store. But Fred and his gang stepped in and saved the day...Oh yes he did!.


When the residents of a boarding home for failing celebrities is  threatened with closure, the residents are forced to take drastic action to keep it open. An evening of comedy and musical entertainment. Written and Directed by our very own Wendy Braid.

ALADDIN - December 2013

The traditional story of forbidden love between  Aladdin the son of a poor washer woman and the beautiful Princess Blossom. The evil Abanezer and the lovely (ahem!) Widow Twankey.


A unique interactive murder mystery. A murder at a celebrity wedding in a church, but who killed Lacey Black and why?

Guests using their powers of deduction were asked to solve the crime.

THE LOST SLIPPER - December 2012

Based on the traditional Cinderella story, will the beautiful Kitty ever get to marry her handsome Prince or will her two ugly sisters, Donnatella and Digitalis stop them from being together?